Amal Mega Project Blog 1 — Alleviating hunger

Abdullah Amin Khokhar
5 min readMay 23, 2021


Poverty is the root cause of most problems in society. Hunger, illness, and death are the primary outcomes of poverty. We can easily see them around us. Poverty puts people away from their fundamental necessities.

Due to poverty, children are unable to get proper education and healthy life. They also become malnourished. Poverty is also a strong reason for increasing the crime rate. Poor people do not get the desired education. The lack of knowledge makes them jobless.


Although there are some organizations who are doing charity work and providing food to the poor people but there are some people who are neglected by these organizations. So there is a need for an individual to take part and provide food to the poor people.


We decided to work on this problem and try to alleviate poverty among these neglected people or will search these people and inform to the organizations about them.

How do you plan on achieving your goal?

To achieve our goal, we first need to start with the personal investment so organizations will come to know that we are doing work on our own and then later on they will sponsor us on the basis of our work. We also make an audit of how much it will cost to provide food to one family as shown in the figure below.

After that, we will collaborate with another group that is doing that same thing. And either we will give our funds to that group to perform tasks and provide them with the location where they need to give food to the poor people or they will give us the funds to perform tasks. In this way, we can achieve our goal in a minimum time.

How will you divide the tasks within the group?

One of our members will audit everything, one will design the posters, one will handle the social media accounts, one will meet with our collaborated team from Batch 183 to address their issues and to generate new ideas to achieve our goal, one will collect donations from the public by going outside and one will search for the needy people.

Planning and Division of work among members:

We are 7 members in our group

  1. Fatima Nadeem

She created our social media pages and posters and is responsible for every post which will be posted on social media

2. Faraz Javad

He will keep a record of every task done so far and will keep tracking the funds which will be coming in our easy paisa or jazz cash accounts.

3. Kamran Zahid

He is responsible for collecting funds from the people (by using both social media platform or by going outside)

4. MahNoor Najam

She will look after our social media platforms and advertise them digitally on different known or popular platforms.

5. Abdullah Amin

I will handle the collaboration with another team and try to increase the resources for getting funds and to be able to complete our task in the short time.

6. Rabiya Basharat

She will do the writeups. He will work on our social media pages and write our progress.

7. Hanzla Noor

He is responsible for searching for needy people and can make changes in our decisions.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Work in the Last 15 days:

In the last 15 days, we did five things

  • Collecting personal investment

We collected funds from our group members to buy foods and donate them to poor people.

  • Team Collaboration

We also collaborated with a team from Batch 181 to give us the information where we can find those neglected poor people.

  • Making pricing of buying food from a wholesaler

One of our members took responsibility to go to the wholesale shop and make a bill of how much it will cost to buy that much food from him.

  • Advertisement on Social Media

We updated posters on our group on social media like Facebook regarding our work.

And here you can see our Facebook page

  • Team Meeting

We held a meeting to discuss whether the things we are doing are in the right direction or not and how we can add more value to our project.

  • Next Task

In these 15 days, we also did our next task in collaboration with a team from Batch 183. But in this task, we collected donations and transferred them to that team and they combined our donations with their collected donations and provide ration to more than 3 families.

Challenges we faced till now

People were hesitant to give their money to us because some people are also collecting funds in the name of donation and they use it for their own profit. That’s why we faced difficulty in collecting funds but by collaborating with another team and by physically going outside, we were able to collect funds.

The other problem which we faced was the COVID situation. Most of the time we didn’t go outside to collect funds due to the lockdown situation but somehow, we managed to go outside to collect funds are remaining funds were collected by social media platforms.

End Note:

We are so yearning about this task; we are likewise looking for help from different NGOs and more collaborators that how we can chip away at it in a successful manner.