Fixing stuff around yourself!

Every person is busy doing their daily stuff. The same is the case with me and here I will be talking about the things which I usually messed up and then applying the concept of leadership in fixing those mess.

So actually, the story starts with one evening and the cold air outside says, “Abdullah, stop doing anything, and let’s relax for a while” but Abdullah is playing games on his computer. But when he gets free from games, he saw that the place where he plays is full of mess, the table is full of wires, the mug in which he takes tea is on the monitor. And the room is looking like the jungle.

Now it's time to be brave and come out of the comfort zone which is the hardest thing to do. So, let’s get started. The first thing I did was to put the mug in the kitchen. Then removing extra wires from the PC like charger and mobile cable. After that, I organized the wires in a proper manner. I put those wires together and fixed them at the behind of the table with scotch tape.

And in no time, the place took a different appearance WOW!. I took the responsibility to fix things around myself and I did it. Here you are going to see the magic, tada!

Ok, let’s talk about how I felt after fixing stuff around myself. It was really amazing for someone who likes cleanliness but is lethargic to fix something but after cleaning stuff, I felt really amazing.

Was I going to do it if not asked?

Well! To be honest, I will still do it because neat and clean environments are my first priority although I am lethargic to make the environment neat and clean but doing this activity was quite interesting.

Here, to cut the long story short, I would say that nothing is impossible in this world as the world itself says I’m possible. We just need to take responsibility for our daily routine tasks and organizing the mess.



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