Getting closer to your Mega Project Problem

Abdullah Amin Khokhar
5 min readApr 9, 2021

When I was studying in Amal Academy, our mentor gave us a task to complete a Mega Project. This project was to choose a topic which will help the society. So I have to choose the project which will help to remove the gap between the persons and the opportunities.

All fellows are extremely excited about the Mega Project. So we started to think upon the problems and finding their solutions. Many ideas came into my mind like;

Planting trees, poverty, poor child education, providing clothes to poor people etc.


But one day I was watching new and the news shocked me that a university student suicide just because he didn’t get job in multi national company. My focus goes over this news and I began thinking why this happened, why he committed suicide. By getting deeper into this matter, I came to realize that the lack of proper career counselling at early age results to those bad outcomes.

So I decided to present this problem in front of my group members and do Career Counselling for the students of matric.


Career Counselling is a process which help students take their career decisions. Because in this era, competitions are everywhere. And when a fresh student starts to explore the market, there are a lot of fields a student can choose. In addition to all those stuff, there are also a pressure of parents to chose the specific career of their choice. So this time is a very stressful time for the student.


This field has a very significant role in our society as this matter can develop as well as can remove unemployment, corruption, literacy and poverty from our society.

So in this era of competition, it is very important for the students to chose the right career because most of the students know only some careers like Engineering, medical and Air force etc. but there are various careers which one can adopt in order to become successful like chartered accountant, graphic designing, freelancing, virtual assistant etc.

Take an example, a student doesn’t like physics but likes to do programming. But his parents forced him to do pre-engineering in FSc. although his interest is in computers. And in the end, he ended up failing the exams.

There are other cases in which a student couldn’t get good marks or couldn’t get job in some multi national company and suicide at the end.

So one has to take a step to guide these students in choosing their career. They need to be informed that their are many careers in life which he can choose and live a better life.

Solution to the Problem:

As we all know that our schools and universities are only focusing on calculation rather than personal development, so at the beginning it is hard to find the solution to that problem but not impossible and there are also some ways to figure out the solution to that problem and these are listed below;

  • Proper Knowledge of Career counselling
  • Source of information and advice
  • Future Plans
  • Satisfaction regarding chosen career.
  • Availability of career counsellors in our schools, colleges and universities.
  • Helping parents choosing their child’s career.
  • Conducting seminars
  • Ability to take right decision at the right time.
  • Prior experience in interesting field.
  • Focusing on their “WHY”

What future steps I will take:

Searching for some professional person in industry

We will firstly search for a professional person in some well reputed company because he can clearly tell who should go into the engineering and what to do before giving a job interview. And we will search him on LinkedIn.

Convince the institutions:

If we just putting our effort in the development of the students without taking care of the institution then it might not help. Instead we will also approach the institutes and try to convince the teachers to arrange a short seminar to guide the students choosing their career. And we will manage the whole seminar like informing students about online seminar, arranging zoom meeting, convincing students to join this seminar etc.

When I look in Pakistan, I see that there are very few career counsellors and the students have to take decisions on their own. So the aim of our project is to develop the knowledge of career counselling among students.

So we have to look on some solutions to that problem

So I decided to take step and give the best of myself in the welfare of the society. I will visit some schools and academies and try to approach some experienced teachers for encouraging career counselling in our education system.

If my efforts and hard work has an impact on even one person and he succeeded in their career, then I will think that I have done my part.