Lessons from the Last Session: Taking Flight 🎡

Abdullah Amin Khokhar
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Now the beautiful 3 months-long journey is going to end. It was like a dream journey where I met many people and we didn’t realize that the time is passing and then the last session came but the results were overwhelming.

The sessions in this whole 3 months is of great importance but the session which I never forget was the guest speaker sessions. Once Amal’s CEO Ali Siddique came and gave us the motivation to do something in life and never feel disappointed even when you are in the dark phase of your life.

Although Amal taught me many life lessons but there are two sessions which I will never forget is be positive at all situations and see challenges as an opportunity. Whenever you face challenges, look at it from the positive side rather than feeling sad. One can never find a happy life, one can make it happy through his positive mindset.

The second session which I learned is to see challenges as an opportunity.

Where victims see adversity, achievers see opportunity

Amal taught me whenever you face challenges, take it as an opportunity to grow yourself further. Because no one gets this opportunity but you get this opportunity to grow yourself further. We can succeed if we take harsh situations as an opportunity.

I remember the guest speaker session when a CSS officer, who got the 3rd position in the CSS exam, came and talked about his success journey. He motivated us a lot and told us some life lessons that there will be a time when you will become hopeless but remember, the real is the one who gets out of this hopelessness at that time.

It is important to connect and do things just for your emotional uplift sometimes, even without a focus on work

Sometimes, emotions are very important for our mental health. Emotions are the one which gives us the strength and at some moment they are the only one for our weaknesses. We might be the master of our thoughts but we are still the slaves of our thoughts. We should give importance to them as they transform our character as well as our personality.

Intellect may confuse but our emotions will never lie to us

What I learnt, I will use in future

One of the best thing which Amal taught me is the “Continuous Learning”. Amal taught me to never stop learning, you may fail but your learning will save you and bring you to success. And with this continuous learning, I also learned time management and it is going to be very beneficial in the future through the priority matrix technique through which we can do multiple tasks in a day.

In the last, I express my gratitude to Amal Academy that gives us life learning experiences and makes us the better version of ourselves. I would like to say a special thank you to my Program Manager Zaki Hyder and Program Assistant Mam Iqra Zaheer for always there to help and support us. Here I am sharing one of my memorable picture of me with my fellows.

Thank you Amal Academy💖