Mega Project Blog 2 — Amal Academy

Abdullah Amin Khokhar
4 min readJun 5, 2021

So we have been trying to start our project for almost the start of the Amal Fellowship but in the fourth week, we took it seriously to start working on our project. As I have told you in my first blog about a quick introduction about Amal Academy and also a brief about my project and now I am going to show you how I started and completed my project and what challenges I faced during this 3 months-long journey.

Our basic idea was to serve 20 families with ration who are neglected by charity organizations. We started working on our project. For that we need donations and we collected it by first starting with ourselves and then by going door-to-door. Within a week we completed our first task of serving one family with ration.

After the first task, we start collecting more donations from our family members also. And day after day we continued completing our tasks of collecting donations, buy foods and then transfer them to needy people.

We also took some of the pictures of ration;



One of the problems we faced during our journey was that people were hesitant to give us donations as they thought this is fraud. But we were able to engage donors with the skills we were learning throughout this fellowship.

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there

Our other challenge was to find the people who are really needy and are neglected by charity organizations.


We adopted a strategy to collaborate with other teams of the same goal. And we collaborated with Tashakur. We did meeting on a daily basis to tell each other our progress and to discuss on finding solutions to our problems. Whenever they need donations, we collected and transfer them to complete their task and whenever we need donations they collect for us and then we completed our task.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Change in our approach:

Initially, we asked for donations on Whatsapp but that didn’t work. Then we asked for donations on Facebook and that worked a little bit but we still need more donations to serve a family. So we went out and start collecting donations from door-to-door and that really worked. When our relatives saw our efforts, they also provide us with donations. In this way, we keep changing our approach to collect donations.


So far we have served more than 15 families and will keep serving more families through the experiences we learned throughout this 3 months fellowship.


To make our project sustainable, we had two ideas

  • To make a WhatsApp group and who is willing to give small donations on a monthly basis, they will be added to that group.
  • To place a charity box on any local store and will donations from that box after each one month.

We already had executed our first idea and were able to engage 5 personal till now and will be engaging more persons to grow our monthly income so we will able to serve more families.

And we will be continuing our project even after this fellowship as we have generated a source of income on a regular basis. Only the one thing we have to take care of is the needy people who are neglected by charity organizations.

In the end, our group really want to thanks Amal Academy for giving us such a great opportunity to learn empathy, teamwork and leadership.